Meet The Team

Walter Rumble

A pioneer making his own way through the green forests of Nashville!

As the founder of Community Tree Preservation, Walter Rumble has the drive needed to succeed.  With humble beginnings, Walter founded the company in 2001, and by 2004 was offering a full-service tree company.  In the beginning, Walter did everything himself.  From answering phones and estimating all the way to climbing the trees, loading the logs (by hand), and even emptying the trailers at night, Walter does not stop until the day is completed. Walter's very forward-thinking quickly exposed a great need for a non-traditional, tree preservation company. Walters's former education in forestry had always attracted him to the greatness of trees and his ability to mix art and science really proves that he truly does "listen to the trees.  Soon after training his two sons, Lee and Taylor for the future, this family passion further branched out quickly becoming one of Nashville's Best Tree Companies.



Lee Rumble

An ISA Certified Arborist with a deep respect for trees and nature preservation.

Lee Rumble is a true nature preservationists. Lee is an ISA Certified Arborist, has completed a Horticulture degree, and is currently working on a Plant and Soil Science degree at MTSU.  With a deep respect for all things nature, Lee sees trees in a slightly different light.  As a professional tree climber, educator, and oldest son, he has been around the tree care industry for more than a decade.  As a supervisor with gazelle intensity and strict focus, his goal is to preserve the longevity of trees, provide protection of nature preserves, and train and educate future generations of those with similar ideals.  Lee is highly dedicated to the splendors found within nature.  On his days off, he can often be found hiking one of Tennessee's many hiking trails hidden under the canopy of a dense forest.  Taking this information from the dense forest into your backyard provides him with a broad spectrum of tree assets, liabilities, and a better understanding of the trees that demand all of his focus.


Taylor Rumble

Always striving for the next big accomplishment, no matter the task!

Taylor Rumble is goal-minded.  He has been an integral part of Community Tree Preservation for over a decade.  Starting with the family business, he has since grown to a maturity level that only the biggest of Oak trees ever see.  Homeschooled by his father from an early age, Taylor has seen every real world encounter possible and always remains focused and committed to his final goal, no matter the task.  As an estimator, crew-leader, professional tree climber, and dedicated part of Community Tree Preservation, Taylor has set the bar high enough for even adults ten times his senior.  Not to mention he knows how to have fun too! 


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